In the last couple of years, with the arrival of young management and investment into new technologies combined with the extensive production knowledge and experience, the company records significant growth and development. In the second half of 1990s, given the social changes, establishment of market economy and unstable situation within shipbuilding industry, an extensive market analysis and search for new business partners commenced. A long term plan of company development was defined along with a new business concept whose main features were flexibility, high education, newest technologies, competitive prices, high degree of quality and fulfilling delivery deadlines.

The result of which is the new production program in various industry branches – from electronic industry and telecommunications to transport systems industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding, ventilation systems, metal furniture. Along with the production of sheet metal assemblies for strategic partners (automotive industry / medical industry / transportation systems) ALPRON also develops own products (3D CAD/CAM construction and design system). Company is oriented at foreign markets and over 90% of products are exported.


Ministry of Trades, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises – BEST SMALL ENTERPRISE (under 50 employees) IN CROATIA in 2003.

Croatian Chamber of commerce – County chamber Rijeka – BEST COUNTY ENTERPRISE in 2002.


Since 2009. ALPRON is the beneficiary of European community accession fund grants from 2006 PHARE programme.